Life for Generations

About Us


Ivachiyo Healthcare was found with a unique mix of world class pharmacology in the key Therapentic areas like Ophthalmology, Oncology, Gynecology and General Medicine. The company was formed and managed by a team of highly proficient industry professionals and aspires to be amongst the Top Players in the pharmaceutical industry. Together with a strong commitment of our field force, company is striving hard in achieving significant prescription business and establish leadership in respective therapentic areas. We extend our sincere thanks to all our Esteemed customers and supporters both regular as well as new for their fabulous and continuous support. As an organization Ivachiyo Healthcare is committed to improve the quality of human life and reduce the burden of diseases.

We at Ivachiyo Healthcare are determined to provide the best.

Ivachiyo brings you the quality products that you have always dreamed for.


Products are manufactured in “Revised Schedule – M” unit.

The “Revised Schedule-M” is considered to be equivalent to “WHO GMP” whihc uses Isolator Technology with Laminar air flow workstation.


Water used for the manufacturing of Opthalmic preparations is generated from ‘Multi-Column-Distillation plant’ therefore it is 100% ‘Pyrogen Free’.


Material used for making plastic vials are imported Leupolen based.

‘Leupolen’ is medical grade and does not tend to react.

Plastic vials used by us are Gamma radiated by BARC.


Ivachiyo Healthcare – Life for Generations.