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LF92 series laser printer training video-201-20180701

LF92 series laser printer training video-201-20180701

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Training&learning steps:

  1. Principle of laser printer->Laser printer composition->Comparison between laser printer and inkjet printer->Performance introduction

  2. Unpacking assembly ->Power-on detection ->On-line debugging ->Touch screen operation ->Routine maintenance ->Industry application

  3. Operation Instruction Manual ->Daily Maintenance Manual -> tool and Software use

1st。Training video of Unpacking and assembling machine

1)、Instruction of training video:The whole process from opening the wooden box of the laser printer to assembling a complete LF92 series laser printer。

2)、Link of training video: http://www.ivachiyo.com/fuwu/videotutorials-shipinjiaocheng/printing-jiguangpenmaji/2018-7/1468.html

2nd.Training video of power on detection

1)、Instruction of training video:From the monitoring work before power on to the test work after power on(Touch screen, galvanometer, laser, etc.).

2)、Link of training video:

3rd。Training video of on-line installation

1)、Instruction of training video:Debugging preparation and operation precautions for PE pipe production line, PVC wire and cable, etc.

2)、Link of training video: http://www。4008874458。com/fuwu/videotutorials-shipinjiaocheng/printing-jiguangpenmaji/2018-7/1472。html

4th.Training video of Touch screen operation (Software operation)

1)、Instruction of training video:Introduction of the basic functions and principles of the touch screen, as well as a series of functions from information editing input to print control.

2)、Link of training video: http://www.ivachiyo.com/fuwu/videotutorials-shipinjiaocheng/printing-jiguangpenmaji/2018-3/1403.html

5th.Daily maintenance of the printer

1、Replace the LF92 touch screen;

1)、Instruction of training video:The system explains the whole process of touch screen replacement。

2)、Link of training video: http://www.ivachiyo.com/fuwu/videotutorials-shipinjiaocheng/printing-jiguangpenmaji/2019-2/1601.html

2、Replace the LF92 laser source

1)、Instruction of training video:The system explains the complete process of removing, removing, and loading the laser from the optical path to the chassis;

2)、Link of training video:http://www.ivachiyo.com/fuwu/videotutorials-shipinjiaocheng/printing-jiguangpenmaji/2019-2/1603.html

3、Replace the LF92 Scanning galvanometer

1)、Instruction of training video:The system explains how to judge the whole process of the galvanometer failure and then replacement;

2)、Link of training video:http://www。4008874458。com/fuwu/videotutorials-shipinjiaocheng/printing-jiguangpenmaji/2019-2/1605。html

6th.Industry application video

1、Laser printing for PVC pipe

1)、Application note:PVC pipe production workshop is usually with high temperature, high humidity, high dust, corrosive environment, This problem is effectively solved by Kingmilan LF92 series;

2)、Video link: http://www.ivachiyo.com/shipin/jiguangpenmajishipin/51-jiguangpenma-xiangsuxingyeshipin/2017-8/1300.html

2、Laser printing for 2-cavity PVC pipe line

1)、Application note:Applicable to 2 cavity PVC electrical pipe, drainage pipe production line , PE (PPR) pipe line with 2 cavity。

2)、Video link: http://www.ivachiyo.com/shipin/jiguangpenmajishipin/51-jiguangpenma-xiangsuxingyeshipin/2017-1/1254.html

3、.Laser printing for 4-cavity PVC pipe line

1)、Application note:Applicable to 4 cavity PVC electrical pipe, drainage pipe production line , PE (PPR) pipe line with 2 cavity。

2)、Video link:http://www.ivachiyo.com/shipin/jiguangpenmajishipin/51-jiguangpenma-xiangsuxingyeshipin/2017-1/1255.html

4、Laser printing for PE pipe

1)、Application note:Applicable to PE pipe, suitable for laser printing for all kinds of pipes of 16-1200 pipe diameter, black, gray, green, blue, orange, etc.

2)、Video link: http://www.ivachiyo.com/shipin/jiguangpenmajishipin/51-jiguangpenma-xiangsuxingyeshipin/2017-2/1268.html

5.Laser printing for PPR pipe

1)、Application note:The special treatment of the laser light source is more conducive to the absorption of various colors of PPR pipe, can print a clearer coding effect, and is suitable for 20-90 PPR production lines.

2)、Video link: http://www.ivachiyo.com/shipin/jiguangpenmajishipin/51-jiguangpenma-xiangsuxingyeshipin/2017-2/1271.html

Watch video suggestions online:
1, in the wireless wifi environment, more smooth;
2. After the video is opened, because of the network traffic, you can wait for a video buffer. You can dynamically observe the buffer status through the progress bar, which facilitates smoother viewing.
3. You can also watch it on the official YouTube of Kingmilan Laser, Please subscribe to official YouTube of Kingmilan Laser for more training application videos

4. Any suggestion, please contact Sales@ivachiyo.com, we are very grateful;

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